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Lovol overseas service engineer Malaysia service record

Lovol overseas service engineer Malaysia service record

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affected by the El Nino phenomenon, Southeast Asian countries have entered a high temperature state since April, and some regions in Malaysia have reached a high temperature of more than 40 ℃. Recently, Lovol heavy industries' overseas service personnel came to Sarawak in the hot east of Malaysia to carry out a tour service of construction machinery products for more than a month, bringing a hint of coolness to customers in the hot weather

palm is the main source of income for Malaysian farmers who need to pay attention to maintaining the direction of horizontal handling as much as possible. At present, Malaysia is in the busy season of palm oil processing operations. Lovol loaders can be seen everywhere in many palm processing plants. Since Lovol loader entered the Malaysian market in 2006, it has won the recognition of local users with superior product performance, good driving comfort and efficient operation efficiency, and its sales volume and market share have been rising

Lei will also give continuous development impetus to the extruder industry. After arriving in Malaysia this time, wo heavy industry service personnel will travel more than 200 kilometers every day to maintain and repair machines for users and train users' product knowledge. At more than 10 p.m. on May 4, the service team members had just returned to their residence to prepare for dinner, when they suddenly received a report from the palm fruit processing factory user about the failure of Lovol loader. After understanding the situation, the service team members drove to their destination

at more than 12 o'clock at night, they arrived at palm fruit 3, plastic zigzag testing and processing plant, and more than a dozen Lovol loaders were loading and unloading in the warehouse where the palm was stored. In the corner of the warehouse, there is a Lovol fl958g loader. Xijiamu, the person in charge of the factory, said that this loader was excellent in its work, but it suddenly appeared today after braking in the mid slope. When the brake was released, it would slide backward. He didn't know what was wrong with the machine and hoped that the problem could be solved as soon as possible

the service personnel found a ramp on site and demonstrated that the phenomenon described by the user did exist. Because the new Lovol fl958g loader is equipped with the power cut-off function, the power output of the gearbox will be automatically cut off when the brake is pressed, so as to separate the clutch and play a protective role. After opening the cover of the electrical box, the service personnel found that the original harness connector at the signal collection place was loose. After reconnecting the harness connector, he asked the driver to test it. As expected, there would be no sliding again

after the vehicle was repaired, xijiamu expressed his gratitude. He said: "Our processing plant has been using Lovol loaders since 2008. Lovol loaders are the right-hand man in our processing plant because of their light driving, flexible steering and high operation efficiency. At the same time, Lovol heavy industries' after-sales service is very good, and the door-to-door service is very timely. They also came to overhaul the machines for us in the middle of the night today. I was very moved by their dedication, so I recognized this brand, and I will choose Lovol heavy industries' products next time. ”

after more than 30 days of intense and efficient service, Lovol service team members successfully completed all work. In the hearts of service team members, the biggest gain is the respect and trust of users. Through providing considerate service, Lovol service team members interpreted the service concept of "Lovol service, wholeheartedly for you", improved user satisfaction, and escorted the healthy operation of Lovol heavy industries' overseas business

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