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Visit to the temporary factory to build the foundation of a strong enterprise for a century

traveled north and south, crossed the Yangtze River and the Yellow River. When interviewed in Yunnan, Shandong, Hebei, Shaanxi and other provinces, I heard different users say the same sentence: "the temporary equipment is good". Industry, especially equipment manufacturing, all know that a brand can impress different provinces and different users under different working conditions, which means that it needs to do well in terms of product price, efficiency, quality, timeliness and availability of after-sales service. At the same time, in this new era when the concept of intelligent manufacturing has gradually become a reality, only by comprehensively promoting the automation process and creating a "smart factory" can we better serve the changing needs of users. Therefore, we set off for the manufacturing factory in Linyi, Shandong Province to have a glimpse of the whole territory

knock on the front door of the factory area, and every temporary employee who can see with his eyes has the same characteristic - positive and upward. The employees dress in uniform and are full of energy. Everyone is tense and walks quickly. Their faces are full of love for life and enthusiasm for work. Until then, it was found that "reliable bearing and heavy trust" was not only a praise for the strong equipment of temporary work, but also the best annotation for all employees of temporary work

excavator division, a joint workshop integrating welding, assembly and storage, has completely overturned the image of the factory in the past memory. In a spacious space with a total area of 90000 square meters, a large number of precision machine tools and other equipment are operating at full capacity, and the transmission is smooth on the production line, Industrial robots are automatically completing the production flow from welding to spraying to assembly. At present, it is impossible to predict the strength performance process of materials and components under variable load by theoretical methods. The Kanban placed around clearly conveys the goal and decomposes the implementation. There are very few workers in the whole workshop. Several people can calmly complete the work content of a large area by passing on instructions. The scene that should have appeared in the film is so quietly displayed in front of them

the road machinery workshop is mainly responsible for the welding of key parts and assembly of excavators, loaders, graders and rollers. Here, it has assembled a variety of temporary star products such as 877 excavators, loaders and 9190 graders. As soon as you enter the workshop, the AGV automatic distribution track on the ground will jump in front of you. Through AGV automatic guided distribution, the internal process can be automated distribution on demand, which can not only reduce the use of forklifts in the workshop, but also greatly improve efficiency. At the same time, according to the characteristics of small batch and multiple varieties of road machinery products, temporary workers are also equipped with a lighting control system in this workshop. Through the lighting system, the production process can be visualized, so that the equipment, quality, delivery and technology of the assembly line can be at a glance, and the protection and disposal in the meantime can be made clear when necessary. The lighting system also plays an alarm role. After pressing it, emergency personnel will rush to the scene to solve the problem within 3 minutes

agv automatic distribution

the most valuable thing is that the temporary "smart factory" is not a mere homogenization and instrumentalization, but a complete set of matching creation, management and control systems are fully integrated with it without a way forward. Throughout the workshop, I saw many posters praising excellent employees. These employees are the technical elites who independently innovate many automation, informatization, and foolproof and error proof intelligent improvement projects under the guidance of the "one whole, two innovations, and three combinations" innovative management mode of temporary work; The emergence of these technologies has made the temporary "smart factory" more perfect and greatly improved its work efficiency. In 2007, Lingong gradually built a lean production system (LPS). On this basis, Lingong refined production to 22 standardized modules to speed up product upgrading, so that safety, quality, efficiency, cost, environment, flexible human resources and other dimensions can be comprehensively improved. In terms of quality management, temporary work advocates "process control first, supplemented by economic system". Through process control, micro management and control, operate according to the process and standardized mode, and solve the problem in this process. The good promotion of this quality management mode will make the temporary production workshop more orderly and produce equipment with better quality<4) ⑵ - amino ⑵ - deoxygenation- β- D-glucan/p>

workshops equipped with safety lighting system

intelligent factories are equipped with a comprehensive and reasonable mechanism, and the "good" of temporary products has become a matter of course

industry is the foundation of a country and the prerequisite for development. Every small step forward of industry will produce immeasurable value. At present, the society is in the critical period of the transformation from industry 3.0 to industry 4.0, and industrial information technologies such as big data and IOT are widely used in the machinery industry. At this turning point in history, some enterprises are on the sidelines, some enterprises are tentatively groping, and temporary workers are making great strides forward. In 2017, temporary workers not only realized the automation of the whole process, built a "smart factory", but also imported big data in the production process, and comprehensively optimized the service process through intelligent operation and maintenance big data platform monitoring equipment

standing at the forefront of science and technology, temporary workers will use the "intelligent manufacturing" technology to offer more intelligent and reliable products to users

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