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Learn technology, practice skills, produce more rubber, and produce good rubber -- a record of Yu Hainong, the champion of the third national rubber cutter skills competition. On April 12, 2012, 36 contestants selected from 137000 rubber cutters nationwide were fiercely competing in Maoming City, Guangdong Province after technical theory, knife sharpening examination and pile cutting projects. Yu Hainong, a rubber cutter from jiachai branch of Hainan agricultural reclamation rubber group, stood out, Won the first prize of the new subject in the competition with excellent results

Yu Hainong, born in 1980, came to jiachai farm to cut rubber after graduating from high school. Cutting rubber late at night all year round, hard work and low income. At the aviation interior exhibition held in Hamburg, he once wavered and planned to give up. "But the hardworking spirit of the farm workers who have worked tirelessly for decades and adhered to the rubber cutting post deeply moved me", he said with deep feelings. "Now every time I apply the rubber forest for rubber cutting, I see the glue dripping into the rubber cup along the cutting line, and pour the glue filled with the rubber cup into the rubber barrel, and the joy of the harvest surges into my heart."

under the cultivation of the farm, he became more and more fond of rubber cutting work, seriously studied the rubber planting technology, and diligently practiced his "stable, accurate, light and fast" rubber cutting ability through the friction coefficient function of measuring data. After several years of hard work, he gradually revived a tree position (900 trees) with many dead bark trees and low yield, and increased the yield. The year before last, he produced more than 4 tons of rubber, with an income of 40000 yuan. Because of his rapid progress and good skills, he was transferred to team 18 as a rubber cutting instructor last year

through this rubber cutting skill competition, he is more confident and self-conscious. He said that he was still young, and there was still a long way to go in the future. He should learn from the old rubber cutter, and the modified wood flour filler had an enhanced nature. He loved his job and worked hard to drive everyone to learn technology, practice their skills, and produce more and better rubber

Yu Hainong is in the competition

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