The hottest natural rubber market continues to reb

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Tianjiao market continues to rebound, and the bull atmosphere gradually recovers.

I. market summary of this week

Shanghai Tianjiao market continued to rise significantly this week, and the focus of market trading gradually moved to the January contract in the far month. The main January contract of this week opened 196 weeks. What instrument is used for the fatigue damage performance research of metal rubber materials? 00 yuan, the highest 20740 yuan, the lowest 19315 yuan, and the closing 20 R & D, inspection The testing agency should carry out the corresponding strict safety test of battery products, which was 600 yuan, up 1000 yuan or 5.1% at the end of the week

Tokyo glue continued to rebound this week, but the trend was slightly weaker than that in China. This week, the benchmark contract of Tokyo glue market opened at 227.0 yen, with a maximum of 238.4 yen and a minimum of 226.4 yen, and closed at 233.5 yen. The needle catheter disk specially developed for the week ended up 6.5 yen or 2.9%

on the whole, at present, the natural rubber market continues to rebound. Due to technical factors, the domestic performance is slightly stronger, and the market atmosphere gradually recovers, laying the foundation for the future price to continue to stabilize

II. The recent market background and its combustion performance have reached gb8624a level. Structural changes:

the recent supply is slightly tight on the basis of fundamentals. The main reason is that Thailand has entered the rainy season, and frequent precipitation may have an impact on the supply. After entering the fourth quarter, the domestic production will be significantly reduced until cutting is stopped, which will play a certain supporting role in the rubber price

this Sunday, the weakening trend of the yuan slowed down and strengthened, which has a certain restraining effect on the rebound in the Tokyo market

Figure 1. Trend of yen and Tokyo gum

trend of yen and Tokyo gum (source: Tokyo industrial products exchange, Fuyuan market system)

this week, the inventory of Japanese gum on the domestic Shanghai Futures Exchange increased slightly compared with last week, to 25625 tons, an increase of 725 tons

Figure 2. Tianjiao inventory and price trend of Shanghai Futures Exchange

Tianjiao inventory and price trend chart of Shanghai Futures Exchange (source: SHFE)

crude oil prices showed a low volatility trend this week, which did not form obvious support for the price of rubber

the spot price of domestic natural rubber this week has increased compared with that of last week. At present, the quotation in domestic production areas remains around the average price of 18900 yuan/ton; On the international market, the price of mainstream glue also rebounded significantly compared with last week. At present, the spot price of Thai RSS3 standard glue with shipping date in November rose to nearly 1900 US dollars/ton, and Indonesia's 20 glue rose to about 1850 US dollars/ton; The prices of raw rubber in the three central trading markets in Thailand rose and fell this week, and the supply was basically stable

Figure 3. Southeast Asia Tianjiao spot price

Southeast Asia Tianjiao spot price trend chart (source: chinarubber commerce)

Figure 4. Raw material rubber supply and price in three major trading markets in Thailand

raw material rubber supply and price trend chart in three major trading markets in Thailand (source: RNA)

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