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China IOT ushers in the "second season"

in mid September, the national development and Reform Commission officially announced the notice on printing and distributing 10 special action plans for the development of IOT. The notice, jointly issued by 14 government departments, proposed 10 special action plans, including top-level design, standard formulation, technology research and development, application and promotion, industrial support, business model, safety assurance, government support measures, laws and regulations, and talent training, and identified the leading departments across ministries and commissions

the "notice" jointly issued by multiple ministries and commissions has comprehensively considered the military civilian coordination mechanism and information security guarantee work. The special action plan for technology research and development is led by the Ministry of science and technology, and it is proposed to complete the project approval of key technologies by the end of this year. It is worth noting that this round of IOT special action has adopted a more open attitude, not only American enterprises, but also proposed to attract international technology and human resources and improve information security R & D and production capacity as safeguard measures for the information security guarantee of IOT

in November 2009, the State Council agreed to set up a national sensing Innovation Demonstration Zone in Wuxi and set up a coordination leading group led by the Ministry of industry and information technology and composed of relevant ministries and commissions, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jiangsu Province

it is estimated that the concept of IOT will be available in Wuxi until next year! Li Hao (a pseudonym) is a middle-level technician located in Wuxi China IOT research and development center. Li Hao, who has been secretly looking for new jobs recently, has undoubtedly told the outside world the current situation of Wuxi National sensor innovation demonstration zone

it can also be divided into many kinds according to its different uses. As an important part of the new generation of information technology industry, IOT and cloud computing have been on the rise everywhere since 2010. However, unlike the five cities selected by the national development and Reform Commission as cloud computing demonstration application sites, IOT was once a great honor for Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. The central government of the upper bound hoped to build here into a center of perception of China

however, in the upsurge of concepts in previous years, unlike many second - and third tier cities that are keen to follow the example of Wuxi to carry out IOT planning, first tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are relatively calm. As the two cities that have shouldered the heavy responsibility for the development of the integrated circuit industry for the country, it has long been clear that China has a weak foundation in the field of integrated circuits, and there are still some products and achievements in the field of digital technology, but in the field of analog technology of sensors, it is almost zero, especially in the field of equipment manufacturing, high-performance sensors are almost imported from abroad

sensors are the key gap between China and the United States, Europe and Japan in the field of IOT perception. But even the traditional industrial sensors cannot be done well in China. Can the emerging IOT intelligent sensors be done well? Many people in the domestic IT industry once asked the Chinese classic with disdain. As the smart electricity that is closest to the concept of IOT in the practical stage, the smart meter solutions purchased by NEC in the pilot stage are all from large companies such as the United States, Japan and Europe

the chip of the meter is actually not simple. Although it can rotate, the accuracy varies greatly. Many domestic electricity meter chip manufacturers imitate foreign models through reverse engineering at a low level, and it is OK to sell them to rural electricity users at a low price. Many people in the power industry have also confirmed the realistic level of domestic analog integrated circuits

in fact, as a basic component related to national economic construction and national security, sensors have always been valued by relevant government departments. From the tenth five year plan to the eleventh five year plan, the Ministry of science and technology continued to set up projects through the 863 program to develop high-performance sensors in the fields of automotive and industrial process control. The national science and technology major project of the eleventh five year plan has also set up research and development a/d and d/a analog technology IP cores since 2008. However, these accepted scientific and technological achievements still remain in the sample stage and cannot successfully enter the product stage and market stage. Tension machine fixture is an important part of the instrument

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