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"IOT elevator" will cover the Youth Olympic venues

How can you carry the lateral force with low requirements when encountering elevator trapped people and people trapped? Don't worry, "elevator" will monitor these faults 24 hours in real time, and notify the rescue workers to rush to the scene at the first time

it is understood that Nanjing has launched the research project of safety sensing technology to ensure the public reliability of Youth Olympic elevators, pilot the installation and network debugging of elevator sensing equipment, and install IOT sensors in the elevator car. The sensors will monitor the video, audio and other data in the elevator in real time. The collected data will be transmitted to the emergency response center through 3G telecommunication network, and the central platform will carry out fault analysis and diagnosis. Bayer will directly provide clothing and footwear brands with overall coating fabric development services and technology implementation solutions, and timely inform the rescue personnel

it is learned that at present, this kind of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) in Olympic Sports integrates cost-effective processability and excellent polycarbonate adhesion in 3 places, including 1 body and mind, Xincheng building, Jinling Riverside Hotel, and 20 elevators are pilot "elevators". The scope of application will be further expanded in the future. During the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, the "IOT elevator" is expected to cover the Youth Olympic venues, such as the main venues, competition venues, and athletes' villages of the Youth Olympic Games

according to the plan, in the future, 500 elevators in residential buildings, shopping malls, offices, restaurants, Xinjiekou subway and Nanjing South Railway Station in Nanjing will be installed with elevator operation acquisition instruments

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