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IOT has obvious application advantages, and the instrument industry is developing rapidly.

at present, China's Internet technology and its application have been brought into full play, and play an irreplaceable role in people's production and life. Relying on the highly advantageous Internet technology, Internet connects human production and life into a whole and provides us with unprecedented convenience

IOT grafting Agriculture: a technological revolution in the field

with a small sensor, the vegetables in the greenhouse will talk, the humidity is low, the temperature is high, and the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are deficient; No matter where you are, click the mouse or the greenhouse thousands of miles away can automatically water and fertilize fruits and vegetables; Brush the QR code, and you will know the "past and present lives" of vegetables and fruits from the greenhouse to the table... This is not an imaginary scene, but what is happening in Longteng vegetable planting cooperative in Dezhou

the Institute of scientific and technological information of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences studied this technology. Their marriage of IOT to agriculture is changing the traditional mode of agricultural production in the fields and enabling people to enjoy safer agricultural products. "Using the IOT data system, real-time detection of physical parameters such as temperature, humidity, pH value, light, soil nutrients, carbon dioxide concentration and so on in the crop production environment, remote monitoring and accurate policy implementation, not only saves resources and labor, improves product quality and improves economic benefits." The project that Ruan Huaijun, the director of the Institute, is working on has turned the above scenario into reality, but this is not all

open a new business model of sensor IOT

recently, according to Forrester, an American research institution, the industrial value brought by IOT will be 30 times greater than that of Internet, and IOT will become the next trillion yuan level information industry business. The so-called IOT is a network that connects any object with the Internet through radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensors, global positioning system, laser scanners and other information sensing devices according to the agreed agreement to exchange and communicate information, so as to realize intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management. IOT is known as the third wave of the world information industry after computers and Internet

at present, IOT has become a strategic consensus in all countries. Developed countries have already actively promoted the development plan of IOT. After the financial crisis, the U.S. government actively responded to IBM's "smart earth" concept as its national strategy, emphasizing the application of sensing and other sensing technologies, and proposed the construction of smart infrastructure; The EU formulated the IOT 2020 milestone plan (i-europe) in June 2009, which is specific and pragmatic, with strong operation instability, adjusting the wide application of RFID and paying attention to information security; Ubiquitous networks in Japan and South Korea have also developed for many years. Japan launched the i-japan strategy in August 2009, emphasizing the application of e-government and social information services on the basis of u-japan

IOT will play a greater role in environmental monitoring

the rapid development of IOT has become a highlight of market attention. According to Gartner, a market research company, the number of IOT equipment will surge to $26billion in 2020, and IOT will increase the global economy by $1.9 trillion. As one of the important fields of IOT application, the environmental monitoring industry should tap its internal value under its bright appearance

although illite has not been built into a big one while strengthening and toughening, it is developing rapidly in the above fields. In 2015, the overall market scale of medical IOT was 41billion yuan. IDC predicts that it will grow to nearly 200billion yuan by 2020, with an annual compound growth rate of 36.1%

for providing services directly to patients in hospitals, with the promotion of medical reform and the development of emerging technologies, the deployment of self-service equipment in hospitals has shown a trend of rapid development, and self-service equipment is forming a local physical connection for medical services. IDC predicts that by the end of 2015, about 16000 self-service devices will be installed in the hospital. These self-service devices will become an important interface for patients to seek medical treatment. The self-service machine is like a robot, which can complete many tasks. Such as self-service registration, printing of laboratory documents, payment, reading of medical record information, etc. Self service machines began to be deployed in some hospitals a few years ago. At present, they are the last in the industry and show a trend of accelerated development. Large hospitals in first tier cities have deployed self-service machines. With the formation of patients' use habits, self-service machines will also be popularized in second and third tier cities

small volume pressure sensors have developed rapidly through the Internet of things

with the development of science and technology, human beings have higher and higher requirements for the accuracy of various measurements, and more and more data are to be measured, so a variety of measurement tools and sensors came into being. With these sensors, the problems to be measured are slowly solved, and the measurement accuracy is absolutely improved, The limitations of the measurement environment on the human body can be solved by the indirect measurement of the sensor

with the accelerated development of industrial automation, the demand for sensors is becoming more and more demanding. By "harsh", we mean that the requirements for the accuracy, size and service life of the sensor are becoming more and more strict. In the early 1980s, China entered the stage of R & D and production of mechanical sensors, and gradually developed mechanical sensors such as pressure sensors, weighing sensors, force sensors, tension sensors, torque sensors, etc. compared with the previous introduction of force sensors from Europe and the United States and other foreign countries, we can completely develop and generate our own. From the beginning of the single point load cell, S-type tension pressure sensor, spoke load cell, column load cell and so on, it is now possible to customize some special shape load cells required by customers without standard, indicating that China will enter the world market in the load cell industry

the first IOT application to monitor the water quality index of the pond

click the mouse and have a look, you can monitor the dissolved oxygen and pH value of the pond in real time at home. Fujian is the first to use IOT technology to monitor the water quality of the pond, which can save more than 100000 yuan per year and increase the output of fish, shrimp and crab by more than 20%

The application of IOT technology is a revolution in aquaculture technology, an important starting point for the development of modern fisheries, and an important way to realize the modernization of fisheries. Completely change the past history of fish farming by experience and open a new chapter in aquaculture. First, the pond breeding environment should be quantitatively managed to improve the scientificity of breeding; Second, reduce the labor intensity of employees and improve labor efficiency; Third, energy conservation and emission reduction can be achieved. Due to the accurate measurement and control of various indicators, accurate oxygenation and feeding can be achieved, and the number of water changes and power consumption can be reduced. After preliminary tests, energy conservation and emission reduction can be achieved by 50%. Fourth, improve product quality. Due to the improvement of water quality, fish diseases will be significantly reduced, and the product quality will be significantly improved

nowadays, IOT technology has been widely used in various fields, strengthening the connection between various industries and labor division through interconnection means, and providing support for links that were originally not closely connected. IOT application will be generous and brilliant in the future

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