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The development of IOT requires "policy and technology application" three-wheel drive

the development of IOT in China is still in its infancy. Mi Zhengkun said that first of all, technology is the biggest problem facing the development of IOT

as a guest speaker of the IOT at the 12th annual meeting of the China Association for science and technology, Professor Mi Zhengkun, doctoral director of the school of communication and information engineering of Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications, clearly pointed out in an exclusive interview with this newspaper that the development of IOT needs to rely on Government guidance, integrated innovation and application drive, so as to seize opportunities and lead the development trend. The communication technology supporting the application of IOT must first solve the ubiquitous networking between any object, and finally realize the ubiquitous network with the capabilities of ubiquitous connection, ubiquitous computing and ubiquitous intelligent control

IOT faces five practical problems

the development of IOT in China is still in its infancy. Mi Zhengkun said that IOT has not yet formed an industry. The proposal of the concept of IOT has added a dimension to the original communication connection. It is a new idea and a great conceptual progress to develop the previous connection from any time and any place to any time, any place and any object

Professor Mi put forward his views on the technology, standards, business model and other issues of IOT:

first of all, technology is the biggest problem faced by the development of IOT. Technology is the most basic force to promote the development of IOT. It is impossible to talk about the development of IOT without breaking through the key technology

secondly, the business model of IOT is still being explored and needs to be further subdivided according to the application. At present, the industry has proposed industry public platform mode, vertical application mode, customer self built mode and other IOT business development modes. Only by innovating the business operation mode of IOT can IOT be truly promoted and popularized

third, IOT is an intelligent network. How to obtain user recognition in terms of security and protect personal privacy? In terms of IOT security, it mainly guarantees information security through technical encryption methods, and controls and restricts the behavior of individuals or enterprises to obtain information by setting data access rights and other technical means, so as to ensure the security of information managed on the demonstration cloud computing platform for promoting independent innovation and the inviolability of personal privacy information. However, technology is only one aspect, and it cannot solve the problem completely by technology. It also needs to follow up the relevant laws and regulations for supporting management. In terms of regulations, it is necessary to supplement and improve the information collection of IOT and citizens' privacy rights, so as to ensure the smoothness and safety of information

fourth, after more than a year of preheating, IOT has been very hot in concept, and now it must be implemented in industry and social applications. The current application mode is more B2B mode, which is also a necessary process for IOT in its initial development stage. Cultivate relevant application hotspots through industry applications, and extend to the interaction between the industry and the public, so that more ordinary people can understand IOT applications and improve people's perception

fifth, the IOT lacks unified standards, which urgently requires government coordination and policy guidance. As IOT involves many fields and standards, there are many difficulties in the unification of standards, but the development of IOT cannot be without standards. The government should guide the industry to gradually overcome standard disputes and avoid civil war caused by the lack of standards affecting industrial development

benefiting people's livelihood is the internal driving force for the development of IOT

IOT is the inevitable trend of the development of Internet in the future. The future will be an era in which data is king. In this era, information can be used to reflect all changes in the material world. Professor Mi Zhengkun said that in the future, any object will leave its own unique traces in the IOT world, and the IOT can uniquely identify individual objects through these traces. This is the concept of future object DNA proposed by the European Union in the first time. Unicom realizes the sharing of IT resources through cloud computing, so as to reduce the application cost of the industry. This platform can realize the functions of cloud data storage, cloud computing processing and cloud information security. It is an intensive service platform

IOT is mainly applied in the industry, but benefiting the people's livelihood is the internal driving force for the development of IOT. Professor Mi Zhengkun pointed out that smart home, smart medicine, smart electricity, and intelligent transportation, including car couplets, will be the highlights of applications. In China, the rapid growth of motor vehicles has brought more and more serious problems such as traffic congestion, environmental pollution, energy consumption and so on. Although there are still some technical difficulties in the application of IOT technology to vehicles, in the face of huge market demand, this application will be of great significance to improve traffic safety and smooth traffic

Professor Mi Zhengkun pointed out that the development route of IOT is to start from the initial basic sensor network, develop to ubiquitous sensing and IOT, and finally realize the ubiquity of wisdom. At that time, high-tech will be integrated into every corner and object, and implemented in application. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the cooperation of all industries. In particular, relevant government departments should guide and regulate policies and investment, coordinate all departments to jointly formulate plans and technical standards, and break down industrial barriers. Only government guidance, technological innovation and application drive can lead the development of IOT in China

in a word, IOT will bring you a more intelligent world. I believe that with the development of technology and application innovation, IOT will continue to deepen all aspects that affect the development of social economy and people's livelihood

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