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IOT industry needs to develop rationally to avoid economic foam

in January 2009, US President Barack Obama upgraded the concept of smart earth to a national development strategy; February, 2009 According to the experimental temperature, it can be divided into high temperature, normal temperature and low temperature experimental machines; In September, Huaze cobalt nickel (000693) announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Shaanxi Huaze nickel cobalt metal Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shaanxi Huaze) and the related party Shaanxi Xingwang Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xingwang holding) jointly invested in the establishment of a company and related party transactions, and the EU released the IOT EU action plan; In November of the same year, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao delivered a speech entitled "let science and technology lead China to change the important role of experimental machines in the national economy and sustainable development", indicating that the key technologies of IOT and sensing should be broken through. The IOT industry was immediately listed as one of the country's five emerging industries. The attention of major economies in the world to the IOT industry undoubtedly triggered an upsurge in the development of IOT

IOT has become a concept that people in the industry need to mention every time they talk about it, but few people can say clearly what IOT is. Referring to the existing definition, IOT is a network concept that connects any object with the Internet through radio frequency identification (RFID), sensors, global positioning system, laser scanners and other information sensing devices, and carries out information exchange and communication according to the agreed agreement, so as to realize intelligent identification, location, tracking, monitoring and management. The concept of IOT is to extend and extend its client to IOT on the basis of interconnection. The investment boom caused by IOT is very similar to the mania caused by Internet in those years. Reviewing the development process of Internet may help us clarify the future development direction of IOT

In 1993, the Clinton administration released the national information infrastructure plan, put forward the concept of information highway, and actively promoted the construction and application of interconnection. Internet has many advantages in free publishing, instant information and free communication, which makes it have low-cost and efficient media value and leads to fanatical investment. However, due to the lack of sufficient customer demand support and effective business model, countless optical fibers were idle, eventually forming a huge interconnection foam

from the actual development process, is there any other factor besides the overly optimistic judgment on the demand of the Internet market for the emergence and bursting of the Internet economic foam? Calm reflection is of great benefit to us in facing the wave of IOT rationally and making it develop healthily

we will not forget the boiling that Internet brings to the world. Yahoo's stock market value in 1999 was close to $38billion, surpassing Boeing, an old giant in the aircraft manufacturing industry. Some people therefore expressed such feelings: three years of network economy is equal to 70 years of industrial economy! Compared with the traditional economy, the Internet is indeed a great invention and a very superior production tool. However, some people have infinitely exaggerated the role of interconnection, and some even believe that interconnection has subverted all economic laws. This is obviously an excessive deification of the concept, a virtual operation, and a violation of the general law of material production in human society

the Internet industry has long been called eyeball economy. The value of stations depends on traffic and clicks, such as volume. Whoever attracts eyeballs is the winner. Adhering to this rule, portal stations are competing to rise, and advertising has become their main revenue

in the late 1990s, a group of portals represented by Yahoo pushed the eyeball economy to a climax. China's Sina, Sohu and Yi benefited from this and were successfully listed on NASDAQ. However, NASDAQ soon said no to this model. Yi was even forced to suspend trading, and venture capital withdrew from this industry, which was once said to be full of gold

the single eyeball economic model also doomed the emergence and bursting of the Internet foam. Interconnection is a rich world. In the economic activities of interconnection, if enterprises only rely on one concept and one model, they obviously cannot achieve long-term and stable development. The Internet market is constantly changing, and the hot spots of the market are also constantly changing. Moreover, the Internet itself is a high-risk and imaginative field. If we follow the same model, how can we adapt to the ever-changing Internet market

at the beginning of the tide of Internet, forces from all aspects of the information industry quickly stepped in, gathering rare popularity in human economic history. Unfortunately, many participants have penetrated into all levels of business without accurate positioning. As a result, the social division of labor has been diluted, the boundaries between customers and competitors have been blurred, and the whole industry has formed a pattern of each being the king. From the general economic law, the prosperity of an industry requires a reasonable division of labor in all links of the industry, giving full play to their own advantages, and realizing the optimal allocation of social resources. However, in the foam wave, this law has not been followed

IOT has become one of the industry hotspots in China. Local governments and related enterprises are optimistic about the long-term development of IOT, and launched many projects to start a new round of enclosure movement. Facing such a high-speed development momentum of IOT, we should get a warning from the foam of the Internet industry, so that IOT can develop healthily

the essence of Internet is a grass-roots industry, which is difficult to control, but it has open and continuous innovative applications, which is more suitable for individuals and families in the initial stage; However, IOT is highly professional. It is an elite industry in essence. It has strong control but limited innovation power. In the initial stage, it is more suitable for government and enterprise applications. The driving force for government and enterprise customers to use IOT products is to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The application of IOT, which replaces manual collection with intelligent collection, will inevitably bring efficiency improvement. The cost reduction lies in the scale of applications. Therefore, only with a certain scale of applications can the application advantages of IOT be highlighted

IOT can be developed from some key industries with large-scale applications. For example, China has nearly 200million vehicles, and the scale of vehicles is enough to support applications. Government departments have urgent needs for vehicle management, road planning, and social security supervision, which can make car service a test field for IOT applications

the key to the promotion of IOT is to establish a win-win business model, which is the core to promote the long-term development of IOT. The win-win business model enables the development of IOT to have a commercial driving force, rather than relying on administrative coercion

(1) user built. Users bear all the costs of the IOT platform, which requires adequate capital chain guarantee. The IOT application under this mode generally has its privacy requirements, with obvious industrial characteristics and weak cross industry expansion

(2) platform leasing. Operators build public platforms. Users do not need to build platforms, but only need to bear the cost of IOT identification equipment and pay relevant communication costs. For users, the platform construction cost is shared equally, and the construction cost is reduced

(3) government promotion. The project operator shall bear the expenses of IOT identification equipment and pay relevant expenses through the operation income of the project, such as the charge management of public parking spaces

(4) users build their own platforms and rent operator networks. The typical application of this mode is mobile payment business, where users build relevant platforms, rent the networks of communication operators, and subsidize them through Commission. At present, this application is mainly focused on the mobile POS application of banks. At present, communication operators have also begun to intervene in the market through the application of mobile payment and all-in-one card

just as stations alone cannot support interconnection, IOT is not just sensors and RFID. IOT is built on a sound network and integrates services through sensing devices. Therefore, IOT must be a system engineering, including the acquisition layer, network layer and business layer. The technologies at these levels jointly support the application of IOT

secondly, the development of IOT needs to be recognized by the market. It is manifested in two aspects: cost and application environment. Only when the cost can support the scale application and the application environment is mature, can IOT develop healthily and healthily in the general environment of market economy and avoid the emergence of foam

finally, the development of IOT is related to the national security strategy and is an important national infrastructure, which needs continuous and strong support and investment. At the initial stage of development, it is suggested to focus on the promotion of IOT products that can be applied on a large scale in social security, vehicle monitoring and urban planning; IOT develops to the advanced stage of ubiquitous, and then promotes it to individual and family customers. We believe that today, after the baptism of Internet, IOT will move towards a healthy road of development; The fourth information technology revolution marked by IOT is coming

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