The hottest Internet of things era is coming, and

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The era of IOT is coming, and there are unlimited business opportunities in the security industry

editor's note: embed objects into induction chips, get the current state of objects with the help of wireless networks, and realize the "communication" between objects and objects, objects and people. IOT has built a way for people to communicate with objects. In the development of IOT, GPS and infrared sensors have been widely used in the security industry, while RFID, as a new organism, has shown a strong momentum of development. In this high-tech market with a scale of trillions of yuan, it remains to be seen how big a piece of cake the security industry can share

send an instruction by SMS before work, and the electric cooker and air conditioner "on standby" at home will start working immediately; When a car accident occurs, the on-board equipment will send a message to the traffic management center in time, so as to respond in time and reduce road congestion... These life scenes originally existed in science fiction may become a reality in the era of IOT

recently, the first IOT Research Institute and IOT college in Colleges and universities across the country were established in Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications. Some people say that IOT is another wave of information industry after computer, Internet and mobile communication. After its large-scale popularization, IOT will cover many fields, such as intelligent transportation, environmental protection, government work, public safety, safe home, intelligent fire protection, industrial monitoring, elderly care, personal health and so on

an internal material of the Ministry of industry and information technology said that with the rapid development of key technologies such as sensors, software and networks, the scale of IOT industry has grown rapidly, and its application fields have been widely expanded, which has brought new opportunities for the development of the information industry and is likely to become a high-tech market with a scale of trillions of yuan

what is IOT? How will the development of IOT affect the security industry

definition of IOT

by definition, IOT is also called sensing. It is a huge network formed by the interconnection of various information sensing devices, such as radio frequency identification (RFID) devices, infrared sensors, global positioning system, laser scanners and other devices. Specifically, it refers to a new technology that all kinds of sensors connect with the existing interconnection

for example, in the concept of "IOT", RFID tags store standardized and interoperable information. How to automatically collect them to the central information system through the wireless data communication network has become a difficulty for people. How to choose to realize the identification of goods (commodities), and then realize the information exchange and sharing through the open calculator network, so as to realize the "transparent" management of goods. If we only measure the lower yield stiffness

through the above definition, we may call the infrared anti-theft and GPS currently being used as narrow IOT. If RFID is widely used, we can define it as developing IOT

security business opportunities in the era of IOT

at present, China's IOT standard system has formed a preliminary framework, and its application in power, transportation, security and other related fields has also achieved initial results. IOT has been listed as a key research area in the national medium and long term science and technology development plan (2006-2020) and the major special projects of "new generation broadband mobile wireless communication". Some experts predict that IOT may be popularized on a large scale within 10 years

what business opportunities will the era of IOT bring to the security industry

smart home: SMS commands the electric cooker to cook automatically

in the laboratory of the IOT Research Institute of Nanjing University of Posts and telecommunications, some "IOT" products have taken shape. Through electronic chips, the researchers set the policy support as the control center, which is the beneficial guarantee for the development of recycled plastic granulator, and then sent the English "indoor temperature monitoring instruction" by SMS. About 5 seconds later, they received a reply: the indoor temperature is 32.29 ℃. At the same time, it can control household appliances. At noon, I'll wash rice at home. In the evening, I'll send a text message before I go home, and the electric cooker will start cooking immediately

remote medical treatment: medical and health care "Festival" foot first

with infinite sensing technology, doctors sitting in the office can know the pulse, body temperature, blood glucose and other physical conditions of all patients in the ward 24 hours through a small sensor on the patient. The patient's family members are authorized to share this information at any time through the network. It is reported that this "medical and health care system" has been used in a hospital in Qidong

intelligent transportation: electronic tags help car theft prevention and worry free

I believe RFID is no stranger to car readers. At present, the application of RFID in the field of security is mainly high-speed non-stop charging system. In addition to infrared anti-theft, RFID has also begun to be widely used. As long as an RF tag containing the owner's name, model, license plate number and other personal information is embedded anywhere in the car, the car can automatically "recognize" the owner. If the car thief does not decode this tag, the vehicle will automatically alarm

environmental protection monitoring: real-time monitoring, timely sensing and effective early warning

environmental protection monitoring is an important aspect of IOT application. In order to help the government deal with the cyanobacteria crisis in Taihu Lake, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has placed several sensor devices in Taihu Lake. Once the cyanobacteria rises, or the water temperature changes, there is the possibility of cyanobacteria outbreak, the sensors will send an early warning in time, so that the decision-making organs can get information in time and respond. In terms of environmental protection monitoring, in case of gas leakage, water pollution and other events, the staff can carry a box of biochemical sensors with them, which can be randomly distributed within a certain range like sowing, and dozens of sensors can be wirelessly connected to "track" the diffusion path of harmful substances at any time and "report" to the headquarters in real time

embedding objects into inductive chips, with the help of wireless networks, we can know the current state of objects, realize the "communication" between objects and between objects and people, and IOT constructs a way for people to communicate with objects. In the development of IOT, GPS and infrared sensors have been widely used in the security industry, and RFI is the main reason why the small panel control system has not been widely used. As a new organism, D has shown a strong momentum of development. In this high-tech market with a scale of trillions of yuan, it remains to be seen how big a piece of cake the security industry can share

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