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In 2013, the era of IOT opened a new chapter in security monitoring

in short, IOT means "the interconnection of things". It contains two meanings: first, the core and foundation of IOT is still interconnection, which is an extension and expansion of the network on the basis of interconnection; Second, its client extends and expands to any object and between objects, exchanging information and communicating the invention and utilization of revolutionary new materials, which has always led the global technological innovation. IOT is "the interconnection of things". The emergence of IOT has brought new development opportunities to the security industry and provided a good platform for the organic sharing of monitoring data. The era of IOT is about to open a new chapter in security monitoring. Yi Yi heard a new report that on the morning of April 9, her 4-year-old daughter suddenly foamed at the mouth and fainted to the ground. After inquiry, the child said that in order to realize the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, he fell down three times in the kindergarten the previous day. The child was sent to the hospital at different angles of the seals that day, but unfortunately, the child died on the 13th. "It is difficult to prove whether the child fell down by himself or by physical punishment and abuse, which eventually led to death." After the incident, we extracted the monitoring data and found that the data of the day disappeared for no reason. Was it intentional, or was it due to forgetting to turn on the surveillance camera that the data could not be found? This event once again triggered the security personnel's deep thinking. The data monitored at the place where the surveillance camera was installed is generally saved and backed up by the relevant department of the place for later review. However, if these data can be shared with the relevant department in real time, then, Such suspicious videos that have been deleted, the surveillance has not been turned on, the camera direction is incorrect, and the picture is seriously unclear can be found and dealt with in time as soon as possible. However, why are these reasons always discovered after the fact? Whether they are excuses or facts remains to be thoroughly investigated by the relevant departments

in the form of fierce competition in security products, security enterprises and Chinese export enterprises have significantly increased their quotations. The industry has to produce higher quality surveillance cameras to meet the market demand. The deepening of the high-definition concept has also slowly expanded the market share of surveillance cameras. Therefore, the situation that the surveillance image is clear basically does not need to be considered too much. Of course, at night, because the light is far less than that during the day, The picture will appear unclear, which can be overcome by using a dual-mode intelligent light camera. This camera produced by Shiyou security will automatically switch to white light when someone passes at night. In the dark night, the picture monitored by the monitoring head is still the same as that during the day. In addition to the continuous efforts of relevant national departments in network upgrading, I believe that in the near future, data transmission will no longer be a problem. The combination of monitoring data with high-speed network transmission and the integration of IOT will bring a new era to the security industry

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