Three development trends of RFID RFID tags in 2006

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The latest report of ABI research points out that in 2006, RFID will have three key development trends:

first, the United States is still playing an important role in the increasingly globalized RFID market in 2006, but we need to pay attention to it. In recent months, it has been found that some RFID tag and card reader manufacturers other than the United States are trying to establish their own "base areas" in North America, And hope to strengthen brand visibility and "compete" with American manufacturers in the North American market. Most of these manufacturers come from Japan, South Korea and Europe. For example, Japan and Europe form an oil film in the bearing, which will change the shaft. Omron, Siemens, Sato, KSW microtec, Rafsec, a member of UPM group, and Samsung, a famous Korean manufacturer, are moving towards the commanding heights of the RFID market with their respective development and competition strategies. Chen Haijun, deputy general manager of IOT Business Department of ABI Research Institute RFID and ubiquitous, believes that Erik michielsen, head of the research department, believes that international cross competition will lead to a more comprehensive, transparent and healthy competition mechanism in the RFID market

secondly, 2006 is a year for label converters to seek conversion. Many manufacturers in the industry are actively seeking positioning and differentiation. How to accurately position their enterprises is a key factor to determine whether they can survive and succeed in the RFID market

finally, EPCglobal began to try to play the role of RFID reader and network interface standard setter in 2006, although this has always been the field under the jurisdiction of "technology giants, such as Microsoft, Oracle, sap, BEA systems PVC door and window hinges (hinges) jg/t 125 ⑵ 000, Sun Microsystems and IBM". According to ABI analysis, whether EPCglobal's entry into RFID business is over expansion or helpful to the industry has become a controversial topic among representatives of all parties, with different opinions

information source: RFID radio frequency Express

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