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The current situation and development of gravure printing machine market in China (I)

I. The current situation of domestic gravure printing market

China's packaging and printing enterprises are all over the country, and the gravure printing market has obvious regional and hierarchical characteristics. The regionality of gravure printing market is mainly reflected in: almost all provinces and cities in China have gravure printing plants. In the eastern coastal provinces and cities, there are many, advanced equipment, high technical level and generally strong economic strength

Guangdong has a large number of gravure printing manufacturers, with more than 1000 in the province, and a large proportion of manufacturers with certain strength. Anbu town is known as the first town of Chinese food and the kingdom of color printing. There are 456 packaging and printing enterprises in the town. In 1999, the output value was 2.36 billion yuan, and the profit and tax was nearly 200million yuan. It has become the second pillar industry of the town's economic development. In packaging and printing, more than 70% are flexible packaging printing enterprises, some of which have adopted imported equipment, Zhejiang Longgang Town, one of the three major packaging and printing bases in the country, has 576 printing enterprises with packaging capacity purchased this time, including a considerable proportion of gravure printing manufacturers

The hierarchy of gravure printing market is first reflected in the wide source of technical equipment. There are not only the most advanced equipment in the world, but also a large number of products from the most common manufacturers. According to incomplete statistics, since Wuxi Cathay Pacific Color Printing Co., Ltd. introduced the first sirudi flexible packaging gravure printing machine in 1982, China has introduced a total of more than 300 flexible packaging gravure printing machines. These equipment are mainly from Japan and South Korea. The fixture should not cause the specimen to fracture at the fixture. There are nearly 20 manufacturers in countries such as Italy, Germany and Taiwan, China, including the most well-known manufacturers, as well as unknown small factories (some have gone bankrupt). Among all imported equipment, Japanese equipment accounts for the largest proportion, accounting for about 70%, followed by Korean equipment, and Italy has the largest number of imported European equipment. In domestic gravure printing machines, more than 80% are non automatic products with narrow amplitude and low speed

The second level of gravure printing market is reflected in the large number of enterprises and different sizes. Among many gravure printing manufacturers in China, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises is dominant, but there are also a number of large-scale enterprises. At present, at least 20 manufacturers have 3-8 imported gravure production lines: such as Dalian Dafu Plastic Color Printing Co., Ltd., Beijing No. 3 trademark printing factory, Hebei Eka packaging materials Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang flexible packaging color printing factory, Tianjin Dingcheng packaging materials Co., Ltd., Wuxi Guotai Color Printing Co., Ltd., Shenda packaging group, Lianyungang Zhongjin pharmaceutical packaging Co., Ltd., Huangshan Yongxing decoration packaging Co., Ltd Zhejiang Chengxin packaging materials Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Haining Changhai packaging materials Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Dafu plastic packaging Co., Ltd., Kunshan Jiapu packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zijiang color printing and packaging Co., Ltd., etc

II. Application status and role of domestic gravure printing machines

at present, China has more than 50 gravure printing machine manufacturers, which is more than the number of all gravure printing machine manufacturers participating in the 2000 drupa exhibition. According to the distribution of provinces and cities: 11 in Shaanxi (21%), 10 in Guangdong (19%), 20 in Zhejiang (38%), 8 in Jiangsu (15%), and at least one in Beijing, Shandong, Hubei and Hebei, the actual number may be more. In addition, most gravure printing machine factories are located in areas where flexible packaging printing plants are concentrated, and some are actually developed synchronously with flexible packaging plants in this area

all branches of Shandong innovation group are like this. Domestic gravure printing machines are the preferred products for small and medium-sized printing enterprises. A few products have begun to receive the attention of large and medium-sized printing enterprises and have gone to the international market. After introducing gravure printing machines, some enterprises in Shandong, Guangdong, Hebei and other places have recently chosen domestic gravure printing machines or auxiliary equipment (such as compound machines). At present, China has exported a small amount of equipment to Southeast Asia and the Middle East, marking the first step towards the international market

gravure printing machine products have made significant progress in recent years, but the proportion of truly powerful manufacturers is small. The past 4-5 years are the first important upgrading period of domestic gravure printing machines. No less than 20 enterprises have developed or announced the development of a new generation of gravure printing machines with automatic registration control system with a speed of 120-200 meters/minute, among which Shaanxi printing machine factory, Shanzhang light industrial machinery factory, Shantou Huaying flexible packaging equipment factory, Shenli Group Co., Ltd. are among the most important manufacturers

but at the same time, we should also see that the number of gravure printing machines of this grade is very small, and the operation is stable, and the effective utilization rate cannot be compared with imported equipment. It should be said that domestic gravure printing machines are still far from the international advanced level

domestic gravure printing machines have advantages in quantity, but the total production capacity can only play an auxiliary role in the printing and processing of important products. This is because: the main flexible packaging printing enterprises basically use imported equipment, and the packaging of well-known brand goods at home and abroad also use imported equipment in domestic printing and processing

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