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Current situation and development of drug packaging in China

current situation of drug packaging

we have all used drugs, but due to insufficient understanding of drug packaging and related knowledge, there may be many misunderstandings in the purchase of drugs. Like the packaging requirements of many products, drugs related to the life safety of people and animals also have special requirements for packaging. Zhejiang Liancheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. plans to invest in the construction of zahanour Industrial Park to process 300000 tons of aluminum alloy new material products (aluminum plate, aluminum strip, aluminum foil, aluminum forged hub and aluminum alloy new material) every year

drugs include chemicals (Western Medicine), mixed preparations (Chinese patent medicine), biological agents, etc. The packaging quality of drugs shows diversity, so as to meet the needs of different drugs and patients at different levels

at present, the drugs on the market include bags, bottles, aluminum-plastic plates, tubes, etc. According to different materials, there are plastic bags and aluminum-plastic composite bags in bags, and plastic bottles and glass bottles in bottles. Some enterprises attach importance to it, and the packaging is more distinctive. For example, the pharmaceutical packaging of Xi'an Janssen is very formal and high-end; The inner package of the concentrated pills series of traditional Chinese medicine produced by Changsha Jiuzhitang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. uses polyester bottles, while the concentrated pills series of Henan Wanxi pharmaceutical factory uses a unique flat high-density polyethylene plastic bottle with a horizontal structure. The outer box is a box type, which is significantly different from similar varieties, so that the grade of products is also significantly improved. Xi'an Zhengda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has a packaging form of duplex structure, Drugs of the same type and dosage form in the market are packaged in single bottle. The drug packaging of Beijing Tongrentang is antique... These packages are very personalized and can leave a deep impression. On the contrary, some packaging is relatively poor, and the material, technology, decoration and printing are relatively backward

in recent years, pharmacies have mushroomed in major cities, especially after the separation of medicine and the reform of the medical insurance system, most people buy more drugs in pharmacies, and like to buy drugs from formal manufacturers with complete packaging and detailed content introduction. Therefore, in the pop market, the packaging of drugs is very important, and the role of promotion is greater

the country is now vigorously rectifying the pharmaceutical market, and the requirements for the packaging of drugs are becoming more and more strict. From 2003 to 2004, several rectification notices were issued, ordering pharmaceutical enterprises to correct within a time limit, standardize the packaging, and expressly stipulate that some backward packaging forms should be eliminated. Therefore, manufacturers pay more and more attention to the packaging of drugs. Drug packaging is facing a major change

in the sales market, there are not many patients who can clearly explain what kind of drugs are packed well and what kind of drugs are not packed well. Different patients may have different standards, but in general, patients want to buy drugs with good curative effect, reliable quality, relatively economic and reasonable packaging, low price and good quality. Therefore, proper packaging is very necessary

there are many deficiencies and defects in the packaging of drugs at present. For example, the inner packaging material of Chinese patent medicine big honey pill dosage form is made of PVC double-layer heat sealing by many manufacturers. Because the package is tightly sealed, the patient must use auxiliary tools when opening; In addition, like the packaging of traditional Chinese medicine Xiaomi pills, manufacturers generally use glass bottles or plastic bottles, and the loading and dosage are expressed in grams, while the packaging does not indicate how many pills a gram is, so patients can only estimate it when taking it, which is very inconvenient; Some packaging words of drugs are too simple and some are too professional, especially the packaging words of traditional Chinese medicine products, which are too professional for patients to understand. After all, packaging is for drugs. If patients take it by mistake due to packaging or packaging text errors, or Jinan LANBO is now simply teaching you the common faults and maintenance methods of the lower manhole cover pressure testing machine, it is the loss of the enterprise; Another example is that some health care products manufacturers blindly pursue exquisite and expensive packaging to improve the "grade" of drugs, but do not pay attention to the quality of drugs

principles and related problems of drug packaging material design

how to make the drug packaging beautiful and promote drug sales is a problem that drug packaging designers and enterprise leaders have been exploring

excellent packaging can make people refreshing and look at drugs with new eyes. For example, in the past, Chinese patent medicine Xiaomi pills were sold on the counter with a paper label pasted on a Huangyuan bottle. Now they are not only replaced with plastic bottles, but also many instructions, bottle labels and outer boxes, so that this almost unpopular dosage form can be gracefully displayed on the counter of OTC drugs

it is not easy to do a good job in drug packaging, and the requirements for designers are very high. The designer is required not only to have certain aesthetic ability and be able to use the corresponding computer design software, but also to understand the laws and regulations of drugs, have high professional quality, and comprehensively understand the sales market, supplier market and design in combination with the actual situation of the enterprise, so that the product name should be easy to understand, read and remember; The printing should be concise, and the packaging and printing of high-end drugs should be compatible with the grade of the drugs themselves; To make consumers increase their trust in drugs through packaging, the color matching should conform to the psychology of patients, make people look comfortable, and have environmental awareness, so that the packaging materials can reduce pollution as much as possible; Have personality, "innovation and difference", which is significantly different from other similar products. Only through comprehensive consideration, overall consideration and following the design principle of "science, economy, beauty, firmness and marketability", can the designed things be more popular

the selection of inner packaging materials, such as steel and plastic, is a key. It must meet the pharmaceutical requirements, meet the standards to ensure human health and safety, meet the requirements of drug quality, and facilitate storage, transportation and medical use. It is necessary to consider its safety and stability, and ensure that the drugs will not become ineffective and will not be polluted within the period of validity. It is necessary to observe and test for a period of time before they can be officially put into use

the design of sales packaging is the most important, because it directly meets with consumers, and consumers can obtain all information of products from sales packaging. Sales packaging is the integration of protective function and artistic beauty. Only by grasping consumers' psychology, catering to consumers' preferences, meeting consumers' needs, stimulating and guiding consumers' emotions, can we stand out and win the fierce business war

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